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Stainless steel butt weld

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Product Code: Stainless Steel Buttweld-123

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Stainless steel butt weld fittings -

Stainless steel butt weld fittings are essential components used in piping systems for connecting pipes and achieving a secure and leak-free joint. They are specifically designed for welding to the pipes and provide a smooth transition from one pipe to another. These fittings are made from high-quality stainless steel, known for their excellent corrosion resistance, strength, and durability.




ASTM A403 / ASME SA403


1/8” NB TO 48” NB. (Seamless & 100% X-Ray Welded, Fabricated)


ASME/ANSI B16.9, ASME B16.28, MSS-SP-43


5s, 10s, 40s, 80s, 10, 20, 40, STD, 60, 80, XS, 100, 120, 140, 160, XXS available

With NACE MR 01-75


Seamless / Welded / Fabricated



There are various types of stainless-steel butt weld fittings in UAE available, including:

  1. Elbows: Used to change the direction of the pipe.
  2. Tees: Used to create branches or outlets in the piping system.
  3. Reducers: Connect pipes of different diameters.
  4. Caps: Seal the end of a pipe.
  5. Stub Ends: Used with lap joint flanges for easy disassembly and maintenance.

All of these types of SS butt weld in uae can be made available from the quality Stainless steel butt weld supplier in uae, Alkun steel.


Stainless steel butt weld fittings find applications in a wide range of industries due to their exceptional characteristics. Some of the industries and uses of stainless-steel butt weld fittings include:

  • Petrochemical Industry: Stainless steel butt weld fittings are commonly used in petrochemical plants for the transportation and processing of various chemicals and fluids.
  • Oil and Gas Industry: These fittings are utilized in oil refineries, offshore platforms, and pipelines to transport oil, gas, and other hydrocarbons.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Stainless steel butt weld fittings are favored in food processing plants due to their hygienic properties and resistance to corrosion, ensuring the purity and safety of food products.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: These fittings are used in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to transport and process medications, where cleanliness and product integrity are critical.
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment: Stainless steel butt weld fittings are employed in water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, and desalination facilities, where resistance to corrosion and longevity are essential.


The benefits of using stainless steel butt weld fittings are numerous:

  • Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and rust, making it ideal for applications where the fittings come into contact with corrosive substances or environments.
  • Strength and Durability: Stainless steel butt weld fittings offer excellent strength and durability, allowing them to withstand high pressures, temperatures, and mechanical stresses.
  • Hygienic Properties: Stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain, making it suitable for applications where hygiene is crucial, such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Versatility: Stainless steel butt weld fittings are available in various sizes, shapes, and configurations, providing flexibility and ease of installation in different piping systems.
  • Longevity: Stainless steel is known for its long lifespan and resistance to degradation, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the piping system.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Stainless steel fittings have an attractive appearance, making them suitable for applications where aesthetics matter, such as architectural and decorative installations.

To enjoy these benefits from quality SS butt weld fittings, get them today from Alkun Steel the finest Stainless steel butt weld suppliers in UAE,


In summary,

stainless steel butt weld fittings offer exceptional corrosion resistance, strength, durability, and versatility in various industries, and if you plan a purchase of them then give Alkun steel, the prime SS butt weld supplier in uae a call. The usage of Ss butt weld fittings spans across industries such as petrochemical, oil and gas, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and water treatment. The benefits of stainless-steel butt weld fittings include corrosion resistance, strength, hygienic properties, versatility, longevity, and aesthetic appeal, making them a reliable choice for piping systems requiring secure and long-lasting connections.