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Being the leading provider of steel and pipe fittings, we also serve in GCC, African countries.

Threaded Fittings

A threaded pipe is a pipe that has threading at one or both ends so that it may be screwed into various pipe fittings and attachments. There are numerous types of this type of threaded pipe fittings that are available for a variety of uses, and in some circumstances, they can be easier to work with.


Unless the pipe's regulations specifically state that it seals, threaded fittings typically do not create a seal. To achieve a tight seal that does not leak at threaded pipe fitting joints, pipe tape and similar tools will be required. 


The threaded pipe fittings help to convey liquids or gases in plumbing setups. Common uses for threaded pipe fitting in UAE include low-cost, non-critical systems for industrial cooling water, fire protection, and domestic water.


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