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Bow Shackles

What Are Bow Shackles?

In numerous industrial applications, bow shackles, alternatively known as anchor shackles or D shackles, are indispensable connecting components for lifting and securing loads. Their defining features include a distinctive curved, bow-shaped body and a removable pin or bolt that spans the opening. By unscrewing or removing the pin, the bow shackle can be effortlessly attached to various objects, including hooks, ropes, chains, and a wide range of equipment.

Contact Alkun Steel, a reliable bow shackle supplier in Saudi Arabia to get a quotation for your requirement.

Specifications Of Bow Shackle:

  • Materials: Steel
  • Bow Diameter: 7mm to 75mm
  • Pin Diameter: 8mm to 83mm
  • Bolt Length: 42mm to 269mm
  • Nut Thickness: 4mm to 26mm
  • Total Length: 48mm to 530mm
  • Total Width: 59mm to 340mm
  • Standard: EN 13889
  • Finish: Hot Dipped Galvanized

Advantages Of Purchasing From A Renowned Bow Shackle Supplier In Saudi Arabia:

Bow shackles offer numerous advantages across diverse industries. Their versatile design enables convenient attachment to various objects, including hooks, ropes, and chains, rendering them exceptionally adaptable. Renowned for their robustness and resilience, they can effortlessly manage substantial loads and endure challenging conditions. The removable pin or bolt simplifies the connection process, providing flexibility in rigging setups. Moreover, bow shackles excel in uniformly distributing loads, mitigating stress concentration risks. With their availability in various sizes and load capacities, they readily cater to specific project needs. In summary, bow shackles constitute a dependable and effective solution for lifting and securing loads across a broad spectrum of applications.

Buy now to avail all these benefits and more from Alkun Steel, a well-known bow shackle supplier in Saudi Arabia.