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Being the leading provider of steel and pipe fittings, we also serve in GCC, African countries.


Nuts and bolts are an essential aspect of any sector, whether it be manufacturing, building, or aircraft. They are the principal means of joining or securing two or more components in an assembly or construction. Fasteners, such as high-strength bolts and nuts, play a critical role in determining the overall strength of a wide range of structures and assemblies.


As top bolts and nuts suppliers in UAE, we supply a diverse selection of nuts and bolts. Industrial fasteners include a wide variety of products, such as nuts & bolts, nails, studs, and washers. When it comes to fasteners, industrial nuts and bolts hold a very important place and are utilized in practically all industries, from manufacturing to aviation.


A bolt is a rod with one end threaded and the other end up-settled. Nuts roll on the threaded portion of the bolts. The top bolts and nuts suppliers in UAE supply nuts and bolts in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs. Nuts and bolts are used for fastening, particularly in industries where parts and components must be replaced.


Material Of Construction

The ultimate use is the most significant consideration when selecting a fastener fabrication material. This comprises the position of the fastener, the ambient conditions, and the moisture or heat of the environment. We have fasteners in the following materials as one of the leading industrial nuts and bolts suppliers:


Industries Used In

The application list of industrial nuts and bolts is long since they are used in almost every industry. Some of the common industries where they are used widely are:

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