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Foot Valves

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What Are Bronze Steel Foot Valves?

The primary substance utilized to create bronze, an alloy of copper and additional elements like tin, aluminum, or zinc, is used to create bronze foot valves. Due to their design, which includes a foot or a strainer at the bottom, these valves can be installed at the end of a pipe or pump. Regulating fluid flow and preventing backflow in a pipe system are the two major purposes of a bronze foot valve. This particular valve type aids in the efficient removal of particles, pollutants, and debris from a fluid in motion.


  • Body Material cum Standard: Gun Metal (IS:318 Gr.LTB2 )
  • Product Description: 2 Piece design with Synthetic rubber O-ring
  • Size: 1/2 ,3/4,1, 1.1/4, 1.1/2,2, 2.1/2, 3,4               
  • Type of Seat: Integral seat
  • End Details: Screwed female threads IS-554 Parallel

Key Benefits Of Buying From Trusted Foot Valves Supplier in Qatar

  1. Prevention of Debris Entry: Large materials, such as sticks, leaves, or rocks, are normally prevented from entering the pump and causing damage by a strainer or screen that is typically located at the bottom of foot valves. In situations when the water source can contain debris, this feature is extremely useful.
  2. Ease of Installation: The end of a suction pipe can be threaded with a foot valve, which is comparatively simple to install. Their design makes sure they work properly without requiring complicated installation methods.
  3. Protection of Pump and System: Foot valves help avoid damage to the pump and the entire pumping system by keeping debris and air out, which can increase the equipment's lifespan.

It is essential to obtain foot valves from a credible and trustworthy threaded foot valve supplier in Qatar to provide optimum and long-lasting products.