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Being the leading provider of steel and pipe fittings, we also serve in GCC, African countries.

Welded Fittings

Butt weld pipe fittings are an essential component of industrial piping systems. They are used in piping systems for changing direction, branching off or attaching auxiliary equipment, reducing pipe size, or mechanically joining equipment to the system. The ends of pipes or fittings are joined by welding.


One of the most common connection types for pipeline systems is butt-weld fittings. It has always been needed in significant amounts across a variety of industries, particularly for pipelines with huge diameters. The term welded fittings can also be used to describe butt weld pipe fittings.


Al Kun provides butt weld pipe fittings that are made with premium raw materials, precise manufacture, and tried-and-true design to exceed your highest demands for durability and safety.


The butt-weld pipe fittings make the connection more durable. When pipe fitting and welding are matched with the proper pipe schedules, they help to provide a smooth flow inside the pipe. Welded fittings create a continuous metal structure that increases the system's strength


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