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What Are Bolts?

Bolts serve as mechanical fasteners engineered for joining or securing multiple components through the creation of a clamping force. Typically, they consist of a threaded cylindrical rod, featuring a head at one end and a nut at the opposite extremity. Bolts are used in conjunction with nuts to form a threaded fastening system. As the nut is tightened onto the threaded portion of the bolt, it exerts pressure, drawing the components together and holding them securely in place. Bolts come in various sizes, lengths, and materials, tailored to meet diverse applications in industries such as construction, manufacturing, automotive, and more. They are essential for establishing strong and dependable connections within mechanical systems.

Specifications Of Bolts:

  • Nominal Diameter: 1mm to 64mm
  • Coarse Thread: .25mm to 6mm
  • Fine Thread: 1mm to 4mm

Types Of Bolts You Can Buy From A Well-Known Bolts Supplier In Oman:

1.  Anchor Bolt: Anchor bolts are utilized in structural applications and are set into concrete or masonry.
2. Carriage Bolt: Carriage bolts are instrumental in securing metal to wood, and their square undercut heads ensure stability once tightened.
3. Elevator Bolt: Conveyor systems often make use of elevator bolts with their squared undercut heads, preventing movement upon nut tightening.
4. Hanger Bolt: Hanger bolts, also referred to as frame bolts, incorporate an integral washer on the undercut of the bolt head for uniform load distribution.
5. Flange Bolt: Unlike hanger bolts, flange bolts do not have a conventional bolt head; they feature threaded ends, with one including a wood screw.

Buy now from Alkun Steel, a well-known bolt supplier in Oman.