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Grooved Fitting

Grooved fittings and couplings are used to connect pipes in both wet and dry systems. They provide flexibility in terms of movement and deflection to the piping system. A grooved piping system is reliable and faster to install than traditional methods of joining pipes like welding, threading, or flanging- resulting in lower installation costs.


Grooved pipe connection fittings, also known as clamp connection technology, have become the main technology in liquid and gas pipelines. Al Kun supplies couplings that perform well under high pressure and also in vacuum. They can be made to suit standard piping systems with cut grooves or rolled grooves.


Grooved pipe fittings are popular due to several reasons like the quick speed of installation, safety and reliability due to high pressure bearing features, economical, conducive to fire, and ease of maintenance.


Material Of Construction

Iron: Al Kun provides grooved pipe fittings and couplings made with ductile cast iron coated with epoxy paint or zinc plated. Iron-grooved fittings are strong and long-lasting. When paired with a good quality gasket, it reduces vibrations and damage to the piping system connection and joints. 


Technical Specifications




1-inch, 2 inch


Up to 25 mm


Industries Used In

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