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Expansion Joints

An expansion joint or a movement joint is designed to hold parts together while safely absorbing any temperature-induced expansion and contraction of building materials and vibration. They also ensure easy movement of loads in addition to isolation from moisture and water.


Expansion joints are commonly found between the sections of buildings, sidewalks, bridges, piping systems, and ships. As a leading expansion joints supplier in UAE, we ensure that our expansion joints fulfill criteria like:


In piping systems, expansion joints minimize strains caused by thermal expansion and reduce pipe loads at connections of senstive equipment. This helps in extending the service life of pipe systems while lowering the likelihood of downtime for additional maintenance and repair. 


Expansion joints are commonly used in piping systems because they give flexibility to the design and decrease costs by eliminating the complexity of fixed points and reducing the total area required for the pipe system. 


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As an expansion joints supplier in UAE, Al Kun provides expansion joints to various industries like:

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