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Storz Couplings

Storz couplings are symmetrical, non-shut-off couplings, also referred to as fire hose fittings. The lug pieces can be plugged into one another and then turned against one another to link them. These connectors are excellent for working with liquids like water and can also be used to connect different types of hoses.


Storz couplings have a symmetrical design with a collar-protected bayonet locking device. They are used to attach connectors or hoses to one another. These couplings are symmetrical; therefore, the coupling's two sides are identical. There is only one way to establish the link, which provides a safety element. It is also simple and quick to assemble heads with the same ring distance by buckling them together.


Storz Couplings can be used to connect low-pressure pipes like PVC pipe and firefighting hoses. As one of the best storz coupling suppliers in UAE, we provide couplings in various materials for different applications. 


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Storz couplings are frequently utilized as fire hose storz couplings. However, because of their resistance to corrosion, acids, and water, they are widely used in a variety of industries, including refineries, agriculture, construction, maritime safety, and military applications.

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