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Inter Lock Clamps

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Product Code: Inter Lock Clamps

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Interlocking Pipe Clamps offer a low-cost uniform method of securing high-pressure tubing in all sizes. While being the key to standardization, the distinctive interlocking feature also provides excellent structural integrity by fusing a collection of clamps into a single cohesive unit. Even when used alone, the gruff design of the tube and pipe clamp enables complete tightening of the four fastening bolts without rupturing or distorting the clamp.

The elongated hole of the interlocking pipe clamp gives a grip that holds the pipes firmly in place and only permits elastic deflection of the tube. The tube cannot be damaged by over-torquing in any way. On the other hand, the typical block clamp frequently crimps the tube at the point of containment and results in significant stress concentrations. Al Kun is one of the most reliable interlocking clamp suppliers in UAE.

Material Of Construction

• Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is frequently used to make tube and pipe clamps due to its strong resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

• Steel: Most steel tube and pipe clamp series have a zinc coating to stop rusting. These clamps are ideal for steel, cast-iron tubes, and insulated pipe supports.

Industries Used In

As interlocking clamp suppliers, we supply interlocking clamps to various industries. Some of our frequent buyers are from:

• Oil and Gas Industry: The oil and gas industries use a variety of interlocking clamps for various tasks, such as supporting the piping system or repairing a broken sub-sea pipeline.

• Plumbing Applications: In plumbing and piping applications, pipe clamps are frequently used to hang various types of pipes.

• Chemical and petrochemical industries: The pipe may deteriorate due to the toxic and abrasive fluids used in these industries.