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Double Bolt Clamps

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Product Code: Double Bolt Clamps

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A pipe clamp made of metal is a pipe support that encircles or clamps onto your pipe. Metal pipe clamps' primary function is to provide additional support for pipes that would otherwise be susceptible to unintentional movement.

The Double Bolt Clamp secures fittings in heavy-duty or light wall hoses. Suction and discharge service with low-pressure couplings. Two-bolt clamps, as is obvious from the name, come with two bolts and are ideal for clamping applications. Double bolt clamps are a permanent solution to secure hoses or pipework.

A double bolt pipe clamp keeps pipes in place and guards against collisions with nearby objects and rupture. Various metal pipe clamps can provide additional protection for pipes depending on the needs of your piping system.

Material Of Construction

• Aluminum: These clamps can withstand high working pressures and temperatures. They are employed to mount and clamp pipes, hoses, and tubes.

• Stainless Steel: Clamps made of stainless steel are resistant to corrosion, oil, and grease. A stainless steel double bolted clamp supplier offers clamps for installation in harsh environments.

• Steel: Most steel clamps have a zinc coating to stop rusting. These clamps are ideal for steel, cast-iron tubes, and insulated pipe supports.

Industries Used In

• Water Distribution and Supply: Since supplying water requires a complex network of pipes, it is crucial to give these water-transporting pipes the support they need. Water distribution plants receive clamps from double bolted clamp supplier in the UAE.

• Chemical and petrochemical industries: The pipe may deteriorate due to the toxic and abrasive fluids used. Repair clamps are available from Al Kun for this use.

• Oil and Gas Industry: The oil and gas industries use a variety of clamps for various tasks, such as supporting the piping system or repairing a broken sub-sea pipeline.